Ubqari November 2017 Monthly Hikmat Magazine pdf free download

Ubqari November 2017 Monthly Hikmat Magazine pdf free download
Ubqari November 2017 Monthly Hikmat Magazine pdf free download

Mahana Ubqari Magazine is a Urdu and Islamic based magazine published since September 2006 from Lahore. It is published on monthly basis and has millions of readers around the globe. Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai  is the key person of Ubqari magazine and a famous hakeem also Editor of Ubqari magazine wrote a number of health and spiritual articles in Ubqari Magazine. Read online or download PDF format of Ubqari Magazine November 2017. Ubqari Magazine is one of most famous ethical, spiritual and health magazine in Pakistan, male and female both are very fond of Ubqari magazine, this magazine contains vast collection of Urdu Spiritual Articles, Homemade Remedies, Social Articles and much more.

Furthermore, solution of problems have also been discussed in the light of Sharia (Islamic standards and laws). The aim of publishing Ubqari Magazine is to spread lesson of love as well as ecstasy. In UBQARI MAGAZINE November 2017, spiritual Islamic cure method have also described in details.

Ubqari Wazaif November 2017

Article published in Ubqari Magazine Nov 2017 edition are as below. It also contains many effective skin care as well as spiritual health tips,

Qehwa ki Ikees Piyalian, Motapa Or Joroun ka Dard Khatam

Maheena to Khatam Hoga Magar Rashin Nahi

Aik Phonk Or Ghrailu Jhagray Hmaisha K liay Khatam

Kamar Dard Ki Shakiyat Krti, Khwateen Sehatyabi ka Raz Pa Lain

Do Ayat 7 bar parhain! QarZoun ky bojh se Khalasi

kalay Jadu kay Kala War or 6 Sortoun ki Dhaal

Tandour walay nay Azmaya Dihati Totka or Yarqaan Khatam

Ubqari magazine is very famous digest for women in Pakistan. Ubqari November 2017 Edition is now available to read online. This is a interesting digest and many people like to read this digest. Ubqari digest is a famous digest and contains solutions of dissimilar problems related to soul & treatement of some complex deceases with the help of medicines and Quran-e-Majid. Publisher not allow to download Ubqari Magazine. Visitor can only read online Ubqari Magazine November 2017 in PDF format in link given below.

Download Link

PDF File Size=72 MB | Total pages = 60

Author Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chugtai

You may also read monthly Ubqari Magazine at their official website.

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