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Sadiyon Ki Zanjeer & Ye Khwab Saray in PDF

Sadiyon Ki Zanjeer & Ye Khwab Saray in PDF”Do Novel” by Razia Fasih Ahmed and enjoy two novels in a single book, Razia Faseeh Ahmed’s “Do Novel” (Two Novels) has two different novel in single Pdf. 1). Sadiyon Ki Zanjeer and 2) Yeh Khwab Saray. The complete title name of this book is;
Do Novel

  • Sadiyon Ki Zanjeer
  • Ye Khwab Saray


Both these two novels are romantic Urdu novels written by Ms. Razia Faseeh Ahmed who is a famous female Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Razia Faseeh Ahmed is the author of various Urdu novels and books. “Do Novel” is one of her famous Urdu book that has two different romantic novels. The writer Razia Fasih Ahmed has realistically written these two romantic Urdu fictions. Every lover should read these novels because these novels (in the single book) has the stories full of love, emotions and romance.





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