Mushroom Farming in Urdu by Riaz Masood |

mushroom farming khumbi ki kasht by Riaz Masood -

Mushroom Ki Kasht By Riaz Masud

The book you are going to scrutinize is an advancement in the new commonality with mushrooms . The Mushroom Cultivator is easily the best wellspring of information on creating mushrooms at home. The makers demystify the forte of mushroom advancement and put power of it inside everyone’s extension. In case you have been chasing down information on this subject, you will find it to be all that you have been hunting down. Consolidates point by point advancement requirements for 15 mushroom species, clean culture and mushroom produce course of action routines, systems for strain determination and change, reasonable status techniques for compost and mass substrates, the mushroom life cycle and mushroom inherited qualities, ID of the genuine contender forms, pathogens and vermin, and principles for the improvement of mushroom creating rooms.Download or read online from underneath connections.


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