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Ghanay Chamakdar Siyah Kalay Bal Kese Hasil Karen -

Ghanay Chamakdar Siyah Kalay Bal Kese Hasil Karen

Health of the hair is very important because healthy hair looks beautiful, smooth, soft and shiny. If your hair is not silky looking and always too much dry and rough, it is lack of oil in the hair. The natural oil can be used by hair to block the moisture. It is a problem, but it is not difficult to solve this problem. There are some suggestions, in which a will must be helpful to solve your problem.1. Do not wash your hair daily. The natural oils produced by the hair follicles that make your hair healthy and shiny. This oil is made ​​to remove the chemicals in shampoo. But the excess oil makes greasy appearance. If you every day wash your hair is the result of the removal of essential oil also. So for a healthy and fresh look you wash your hair once or twice in a week. Not more than twice.2 Avoid using dyes, because they damage the hair root, and they weaken. Continuous use of hair color is your hair dull, rough and brittle. Third heat products such as blow dryers, irons and curling irons make their use minimum. Or just avoid using them. The use of tools to burn the hair and results in split ends. The hair is dull, dry and dead. Air-dry the hair after washing or by using a fan without heat.


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