free download Ubtan Flowers Scrub For Dulhan Skin By Dr Bilquis Sheikh

Ubtan Flowers Scrub For Dulhan Skin
Ubtan Flowers Scrub For Dulhan Skin


Ubtan Flowers Scrub For Dulhan Skin By Dr Bilquis Sheikh

 Flowers Ubtan Scrub for skin Dulhan Dr. Bilquis Sheikh

Dr Bilquis Sheikh Pakistan is well known herbalist, advice and home remedies for weight loss and skin care Oil Control, pimples, skin whitening, hair oil, and very popular among women and girls.She has own clinic in Karachi, and participates in several programs of morning TV channels, Utho Jago Pakistan and now she is part of Geo News Morning Show Subh e-Pakistan with Dr. Aamir Liaquat.

Dr. Bilquis Sheikh mission is to promote the health of people and welfare through the use of herbal remedies and homeopathy as a natural cure for ailments. It is recognized as an effective and harmless system of medicine in the world.

Dr. Bilquis Shaikh is a doctor of alternative medicine who has completed his studies in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2005. She is investigating the medicinal plants and herbs in Pakistan. Together with Dr. Sajid, a homeopathic physician, Dr. Bilquis has established a company called BSM Kreations Naturalize working on herbal products and formulas to produce herbal medicines quality.

Naturalize Kreations BSM is a registered company Oriental herbal medicine production quality under the guidance and expertise of Dr. Bilquis Shaikh. We are one of the best Pakistani company involved in the promotion and revival of oriental medicine.

Dr Bilquis Sheikh Tips for skin whitening, oil control and blackheads


  • Rose, David Gill
  • Dissy, Dissy Flowers
  • Almond, peanut
  • Milk cream
  • Orange juice and zest


Bland all the flowers and shells, mixed with orange juice and cream, leave for 30 minutes, and apply it to your body and washing.


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