Free Download Khawateen Ke Masail by Dr. Ishrat

Khawateen Ke Masail by Dr. Ishrat Free Download Read Online pdf
Khawateen Ke Masail by Dr. Ishrat Free Download Read Online pdf

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Khawateen Ke Masail

Khawateen Ke Masail (Women Problems) by Dr. Ishrat

Free download Khawateen Ke Masail (Women Problems) by Dr. Ishrat, Read Online Khawateen Ke Masail by Dr. Ishrat, PDF Khawateen Ke Masail (Women Problems) by Dr. Ishrat. Are you a successful woman? A book full of golden principles and information for working women written by Dr. Ishrat and published by Shama Book Agency, Karachi, Pakistan.

Book Introduction:

Name of Book: Khawateen Ke Masail

Writer: Dr. Ishrat

Publishers: Shama Book Agency Karachi

Printers: Khalid Printers Karachi

Year of Publication: January 2009

Price: Rs.30/- (Price May Vary)

Beautiful Title Cover of Khawateen Ke Masail

Khawateen Kay Masail by Dr. Ishrat
Khawateen Kay Masail by Dr. Ishrat

List of Contents:

  1. Aurat Aur Mulazmat (Women & Jobs) page 7
  2. Kya Mard, Aurat Se Ziyada Zaheen Hotay Hain? (Are male more intelligent than female?) page 16
  3. Kya Aap Aik Kamiyab Khatoon Hain? (Are you a successful woman?) page 20
  4. Mulazmat Pesha Khawateen Ko Ziyada Aaram Ki Zaroorat Hoti Hay. (Working women need more rest) page 26
  5. Hasd Aur Raqabat Aurton Ki Fitrat Mein Shamil Hay. (Envy and Jealousy is in women’s nature) page 29
  6. Mulazmat Pesha Khawateen Ke Liay Rehnuma Asool (Guiding Principles for working women) page 33
  7. Purkashish Mulazmat Hasil Karne Ke Liye Apni Kami Ko Door Kijiay (For getting handsome job amend your shortcomings) page 37
  8. Khawateen Aur Daftari Uljhanain (Women and office problems) page 41
  9. Daftari Auqat Ke liay Sehat Ke Nuqat (Health Guidelines for Office Timings) page 46
  10. Zehni Uljhanon Ke Tadaruk Ke Liay Tarz e Zindagi Tabdeel Karain (To avoid mental issues change your way of living) page 48
  11. Dhalti Umron Ki Ghair Shadi Shuda Khawateen Tawajo Ki Mustahiq Hain (Middle Age unmarried women need more care) page 52
  12. Doosri Shadi Aur Aaj Ki Khawateen (Second marriage and women of today) page 61
  13. Azadi e Niswan Mardon Ki Nazar Mein (women freedom according to men) page 71
  14. Apnay Aap mein behtri paida karain (make good changes in yourself) page 75
  15. Samajhdari, bahimi mohabbat aur rawadari ka muzahira karain (Become wise, have mutual love and tolerance) page 83
  16. Ghareloo Zima darion ke baray main aik dilchisp sawalnama (An interesting questioner regarding household obligations) page 91
  17. Sawalat Ke Numbers (Numbers of Questions) page 95

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