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Azaab-e-Deed Urdu Poetry by Mohsin Naqvi

Azaab-e-Deed Urdu Poetry by Mohsin Naqvi,Azzab-e-Deed : Best design and decorated book of Urdu Poetry . The book contain a heart touching and joyfulness poetry which make your soul comfort . The poet express all poetry about break up and loneliness . before to go deep about book short summary its important to know also about the poet . Mohsin Naqvi ( Ghulam Abbas his old name ) was born in May 5 , 1947 in District Dera Ghazi Khan ( DG Khan ) British India and died in January 15 1996 in Lahore and than his dead body buried in his native village Sadat Dera Ghazi Khan , Punjab Pakistan . Father name of Mohsin naqvi is Sayed Chiragh Hussain . He get the graduate degree from Multan Government College and Master degree from Punjab University Lahore . Mohsin Naqvi is well know name in the field of Urdu literature and he have other creation which name are Azaab-e-Deed , Khaim-a-Jan , Berg-e-Sahra , Band-e-Kbaa , Moj-e-Idraak , Taloo-e-Ashk , Furat-e-Fikr , Reza-e-Harf , Rakht-e-Shab , Rida-e-Khwab , and Haq-e-Aliya . Our team try day and night to Upload all creation of Mohsin Naqvi free . This is really very best and excellent book of Mohsin Naqvi once you start reading then we give surety before end you never aside this book . The book is also amazing gift for those whose want and like Urdu Poetry and especially Mohsin Naqvi Poetry .



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