Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016 Latest Cooking Magazine

Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016 www.aiourdubooks.net - main
Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016 www.aiourdubooks.net - main

Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016

Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016

Dalda Ka Dastarkhawan February 2016 Latest Cooking Magazine

Dalda Ka Dasterkhwan February 2016 Latest Cooking Magazine PDF Read Online & Download.

Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016

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Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016 is now available for online reading or downloading. Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016 is a famous Monthly Urdu Cooking Magazine published from Pakistan. It contain highly acclaimed / appreciated Recipes, Cooking Tips, Tarakeeb from famous Pakistani male & female chefs.
Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016 is being liked around the globe not only in Pakistan but also in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and all E.U countries where people can understand Urdu language. Khaufnak digest is most famous in all age groups.
Contents of This Latest Cooking Magazine From Dalda:
Jashn e Baharan
  1. Jashan e Baharan – Ik Pegham e Mohabbat He.
  2. Valentines Day – Taza Gulabon Sa Mehekta Tehwar.

Khanay Sehat Ke Khazanay

  1. Chocolate Barhaiy Mohabbatain
  2. Gajar Aur Gajar Se Bani Kanji Aur Gajrela
  3. Boo Par Na Jain Lehsan Khain
  4. Ashiya e Khurdani Ko Bachain Kese

Sehat e Aama

  1. Py Loksing
  2. Hajama – Aik Sunnat, Aik Ilaj
  3. Pani Pene Ki Adat Nahin
  4. Ghizaiyat Ka Kese Ho Sehat Se Milan

Rukh e Zaiba

  1. Shaal – Aik Reshmi Sa Perahan
  2. Make Up Karna Zaroori Hay
  3. Rang Dar Badam, Hawa Honton Ke Naam

Yeh Chef Hamaray

  1. Iqbal Shah

Aap Ki Doctor

  1. Mubina Agbot Wala

Mere Bachpan Ke Din

  1. Bachay Ka Tajassus Qatal Na Kijiay
  2. Kamsin Bachon Ko iPad Na Dain

Ghar Daari

  1. Jewelry Kese Chamkai Jaiy
  2. Makan Ban Giya To Aiye Ab Sajatay Hain Isay
  3. Sirka Ghar Mein Zaroor Rahay
  4. Muthi Bhar Chawal – Ghar Daari Mein Hath Batain
  5. Mukhtasar Saman, Ghareloo Aaraish Ka Mutawazan Tasawur
  6. Balkoniyan, Tehzeeb o Saqafat Ki Rakhwalian


  1. Ghar Rahe Hara Bhara Sar Sabz o Shadab
  2. Baat Ho Jaiy Haar Singhar Ki

Taluq e Khatir

  1. Kese Hoga Yeh Rishta Ustawar
  2. Rishton Par Aitbar Kese Aiy
  3. Khabardar Rahiye Ghussa Kare Ghar Tabah


  1. Paper Mesh Fruit Basket

Restaurant Review

  1. Dhaba Chaiy Piyen, Chaiy Wala Chalain

Light / Camera / Action

  1. Sumbal Iqbal

Permanent Articles

  2. Aap Ki Raiy
  3. Dalda Sunflower Oil
  4. Dalda Advisory Service
  5. Afsana
  6. Ghazal Us Ne Cheri
  7. Shahar Nama
  8. Reviews
  9. Sitaron Ki Mehfil

Sair o Siyahat

  1. Berlin


  1. Grilled Beef Burgers
  2. Lemon Fried Chicken Wings
  3. Sabzion Ke Nargisi Koftay
  4. Helapino Cheez Bytes / Herbed Meat Balls with Sweet & Sour Saus
  5. Mangoleen Beef
  6. Machli Ki Chatpati Biryani
  7. Paindian
  8. Paper Fish
  9. Chicken Tikka With Pepper & Mashrooms
  10. Potato Fish Crockets
  11. Chicken & Yellow Saus With Fried Rice
  12. King Pao Chao Min
  13. Keemay Ki Creamy Kabab
  14. Kashmiri Gosht / Khushk Meway Ke Sath / Spaghetti Karbonara
  15. White Paiy
  16. Fruit Chocolate Sticks
  17. Gajjar Ki Kanji
  18. Chinese Golden Freters / Kathiawari Daal Gosht
  19. Timatar Keema Shimla Mirch
  20. Rainbow Chicken / Potly Gosht
  21. Mong Palak / Qeema Hari Piyaz
  22. Chatni Biryani
  23. Anannas Ki Kheer
  24. Bhindion Walay Kabab (Readers Recipe)

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Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan February 2016 Latest Cooking Magazine Urdu PDF

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