Aab e Hayat by Umaira Ahmed urdu novel

Aab e Hayat by Umaira Ahmed urdu novel free download pdf
Aab e Hayat by Umaira Ahmed urdu novel free download pdf

Aab e Hayat

Aab e Hayat by Umaira Ahmed

Latest Episode of Aab e Hayat updated & completed December 2016

Free Download and Read Online Urdu Novel Aab e Hayat by Umaira Ahmed pdf

آب حیات از عمیرہ احمد

Aab e Hayat by Umaira Ahmad is an amazing urdu novel written by Umaira Ahmed . I have provided it for the benefit of all world. The language of  cooking magazine in Urdu language is very lucid and clear. Ab e Hayat by Umera Ahmad is very famous among Pakistani women. Ab e Hayat by Umaira Ahmed contains a social romantic story in Urdu. Samaji Muashrati mauzoo par likhi gai yeh aik nayab kitab hay. You would love to read Aab e Hayat by Umaira Ahmed. Read online Ab e Hayat by Umera Ahmad containing a great urdu novel. You will not be able to put this novel aside before reading till the end. You may download it for offline reading but you must buy the original hard copy which better one. In this way writer and publisher would get their due benefit. Ab e Hayat by Umaira Ahmed is one of the most famous pakistani urdu novel.

However, you must & should buy the original hard copy which is better one and in this way writer and publisher would get their due benefit.

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Jadeed Urdu Scientific Magazine “Global Science Magazine February 2015” bhi is library main maujood hay. Meray Khiyal mein ap us ko bhi zaroor pasand karain gay. Apni raiy se zaroor agah kiya karain aur kabhi koi link dead ho us ka bhi zaroor bata dia karain kiun ke is terha na sirf ap ka balkay doosron ka bhi faida hota hay.

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Aab e Hayat Direct Download Links

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Aab E Hayat Episode 0107.00MB19DownloadRead
Aab E Hayat Episode 0208.70MB21DownloadRead
Aab E Hayat Episode 0309.40MB24DownloadRead
Aab E Hayat Episode 0406.50MB45DownloadRead
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Aab e Hayat Episode 1805.20MB24DownloadRead
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Aab e Hayat Part 20 to 25 Last Episode In One PDF


Aab e Hayat Part 20 to 25 Last Episode In One PDF

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    very well dear! you pointed out a good thing for knowledge and learning. Thanks.

  17. this is not Imama but UMAMA. umera also wrote here in Aab e hayat Imama. that’s a big mistake and should be correct. the correct pronounciation is UMAMA (اُمامه).
    I want to read more episodes.

  18. Very impressive novel…. kya koi bta sakta he k Peer e Kamil ek farzi kahani he ya such he???

  19. jab jab episodes arahi hain ap please unki dates sath likh dia kro ta k logo ko problem na ho or Umaira Ahmed i love your novels truly epic *_*

  20. Aslam o Alaikum!
    Part 16 of Aab e Hayat has arrived. You can now download or read it online. Thanks for your feedback and support.

  21. aab e hayat by Umera Ahmad episode 16 will come in February 2016’s edition of monthly Khawateen Digest. So please be patient. Thanks.

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    Any date?
    And how many episodes are remaining kindly tell me

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